Viafin Service is a trusted partner in maintenance and it has twenty two local service units located in the most important industrial clusters in Finland. Our strong local service units have improved our customer knowledge as well as the ability to deliver services for our customers quickly and reliably. Our customers include several corporations in pulp, cardboard, metal processing, energy and chemical industries.

We are one of the leading industrial piping installation specialists in Finland. Also, we have a strong background in industrial process pipe repair and maintenance as well as experience in installations of Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) terminals’ piping and equipment. In the energy industry, we are specialized in the production, distribution and refueling of natural gas, liquefied natural gas (LNG) and bio gas. In addition, we are responsible for maintaining and operating the natural gas backbone, which is critical to the security of the supply of the entire country.

Service network

Viafin Service has twenty two service units at eighteen different locations across Finland. The company offers repair and maintenance services for its customers in every local service unit. Our project competence has been centralized at our Tampere unit.


Viafin Service has grown significantly during its existence.

Viafin Service originates from Viafin Oy’s workshop business. During the history industrial piping has been manufactured by Viafin Oy’s different subsidiaries. In 2008 Viafin Oy made a strategic decision that aimed for expanding the industrial piping business; a year later the first two local units were established in Jämsä and Pori. In 2011 the business was incorporated into a company called Viafin Process Piping Oy. During the same year, Viafin Process Piping made its first acquisition and expanded its business to Keminmaa.

Between 2012 and 2016 Viafin Process Piping expanded its operational network and opened new service units in Kurikka, Tampere, Vantaa and Lappeenranta. Vantaa unit established in autumn 2016, was incorporated into a company called Viafin Uusimaa Piping in autumn 2017. The goal was to pilot new business models and to commit the personnel.

Viafin Installation was established in late 2017 as Viafin West Welding decided to concentrate on its workshop business and sold installation and manufacturing operations to Viafin Installation Oy.

During spring 2018 Viafin Process Piping expanded its business to cover also hydraulics and instrument piping. Viafin Service Oy Group focusing on maintenance and installation was established in summer 2018. Following the establishment, Viafin Installation and Viafin Process Piping became its subsidiaries.

Viafin Service Oyj acquired Gasum Tekniikka Oy on 28 February 2019. The new company name Viafin GAS Oy was released on 3 April 2019. Viafin GAS provides a wide range of natural gas and biogas utilization services

Viafin Service -Group

Viafin Service is the parent company of the Group. Viafin Service owns 100% of Viafin Installation, Viafin Process Piping and 70% of Viafin GAS. The group also includes Viafin Uusimaa Piping whose majority owner is Viafin Process Piping.

Viafin Process Piping and Viafin Uusimaa Piping mainly focus on repair, maintenance and installation of industrial piping across Finland. Viafin Installation is specialized in industrial mechanical maintenance, maintenance during shutdowns, as well as installation and repair of heavy mechanical machinery used in industrial environment.

Viafin GAS provides a wide range of natural gas and biogas services for all customer sectors. Viafin GAS supplies equipment, perform installation and offer repair and maintenance services. The services cover the entire life cycle of gas appliances, starting with the design.


* The minority share in Viafin Uusimaa Pipinging Oy belongs to a member of the key management personnel

* The minority share in Viafin GAS Oy is owned by the company's management and personnel



We at Viafin are committed to do business sustainably taking into account the economic, social and environmental viewpoints, both locally and globally. We actively strive for reducing our environmental impact by improving our energy efficiency. We use certified quality management, environment, health and safety systems as well as welding quality system. Additionally, we have a certificate for installing steel structures.