Viafin Service is a Finnish company that is specialized in industrial maintenance as well as in repair and installation of industrial piping and equipment.

In addition to offering our customers repair and maintenance services, we also deliver projects according to our customers’ needs. We are always committed to act responsibly, fairly and with high quality.

Local repair and maintenance

We offer our customers repair and maintenance services in every local service unit. Our goal is to serve our customers locally, effectively, and always according to their daily needs.

Our services include:

  • industrial piping
  • solutions for natural gas, biogas and liquefied natural gas for industry, transmission and distribution companies, biogas companies and the travel industry
  • hydraulics and instrument piping
  • mechanical welding
  • machinery and mechanical installations during industrial shutdowns

The majority of our customers consists of industrial corporations operating in Finland. Especially, we have customers in pulp, cardboard, metal processing, energy and chemical industries. In addition, we are responsible for maintaining and operating the natural gas backbone, which is critical to the security of the supply of the entire country.


In addition to our repair and maintenance services, we work on selected piping and equipment installation projects. Focusing on only selected project ensures our excellent project management, effectivity and high quality.

Our projects are carried out according to customers’ investment needs and the projects are small and medium-sized. We deliver projects to industrial process plants and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) terminals, for instance.

Similarly, to our other services, also our project business serves major global customers who operate in Finland in various industries.