We have gained experience and reckoning in industrial maintenance. For almost a decade, we have been a reliable partner in industrial repair and maintenance and we have delivered a substantial amount of projects for our customers in Finland. Our customers include several corporations in pulp, cardboard, metal processing, energy and chemical industries.

You can find some case examples of our work below.

CASE Lappeenranta: Viafin Service combines local knowledge and the competence of a leading company in the industry

Even though Viafin Service operates nationwide, it is a locally driven leading specialist in industrial piping repair and maintenance. The company operates at eight different locations across Finland: In Lappeenranta we started in spring 2016. Already in a couple of years the company has gained a position as the local expert.

In recent years, Viafin Service has grown and it has expanded its business effectively and profitably to new geographical markets. In spring 2016 we launched our business in Lappeenranta. It has been crucial to have the local knowledge and to recruit professionals in launching the unit successfully.

- The ability to find the right people for the jobs, great and high-quality work as well as the local knowledge have played key roles in our business. In two years, we have managed to reach the position of a reliable actor while maintaining the profitability of the business, states Lappeenranta unit’s Area Manager Panu Järvinen.

Supporting the customer in their everyday operations

The customers of Viafin Service in Lappeenranta area consist of major Finnish pulp, cardboard, metal and chemical industry companies.

-We work as partners in our customers’ continuous repair and maintenance related tasks, but also help them with their projects, Järvinen promises and tells that the local knowledge is highlighted during process industry shutdowns for instance. -As the production is halted, it is easy to carry out the planned maintenance work or to install and plug the ready-made piping. In the early stages we ensure that everything goes well and if needed, we will arrive to the location even in the middle of the night.

In autumn 2018 Lappeenranta unit employs 25 permanent employees. Järvinen thinks that it is easy to maintain the high quality of the work, share knowledge and educate new professionals in a small-sized and local team. When working on with larger projects or customers, it is also possible to exploit the resources of the group if needed.

-Local knowledge is our asset. In this industry, it is sometimes needed to arrive quickly to the location and to know the customers’ needs in order to offer them the best possible service. The high quality of our work ensures that the customers return to us if our kind of services are needed. This all is possible thanks to our young and adaptable crew that is willing to continuously learn new things. Our job is to think how we can help our customers today, Järvinen concludes.

Viafin Service involved in building new gas infrastructure in Finland

In recent years, there have been major investments in gas infrastructure in Finland. The demand for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) based solutions continues to increase due to strict regulations in ship traffic emissions as well as the desire of the industry to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, the distribution network of natural and biogases intended for truck traffic are continuously and rapidly developed in order to reach the EU emission reduction targets.

Viafin Service has delivered and installed equipment to multiple major gas projects including LNG terminals in Tornio and Pori. In these projects the company has been responsible for the installation of piping and other equipment as well as the insulation of the piping in the process areas. The company is also involved in Topinoja biogas plant expansion project delivered to our customer Gasum in Turku.

The experience we have gained in LNG and biogas projects has enabled a steady position for the company in these markets and the company is able to exploit this experience also in other similar projects. In addition to technical competence project deliveries call for excellent customer relationship management as the company is in contractual relation with multiple parties in projects. Viafin Service focuses on small and medium-sized projects so that the value of the project does not grow too much in respect to the size of the company. After the projects, the co-operation with the customer usually continues in repair and maintenance activities.